27 Oct

NovaDreamer 2 – Ca se précise… ou pas [Mise à jour]

Mise à jour du 18/08/2016: En fait, rien de nouveau, le novadreamer 2 semble avoir mystérieusement disparu…
Mise à jour du 29/05/2012 !!!! Dernière mise à jour du lucidity institute, et vous n’allez pas le croire: NOVADREAMER V.2 NEWS: After 5 years of testing, we are ready to release the NovaDreamer to the world. Stay tuned, and expect announcements in June, and in the Live Webinar starting next week.
Mise à jour du 12/07/2010, j’ai envoyé un e-mail au lucidity institute pour avoir des nouvelles, réponse très-rapide: “Thank you for your interest! We will be using the new NovaDreamer model (ND2) at our upcoming workshop, however, it is not yet available to the general public. An update on the device will be included in the next issue of our newsletter “Lucidity Flashes” which we aim to send out within the next week or so.” Je pense que le workshop en question est celui prévu au mois de Septembre. Cela n’annonce rien de bon pour une sortie cette année.

Cela faisait plusieurs années que le lucidity institute promettait une nouvelle version du Novadreamer, plus agréable à porter, plus facilement configurable, le lancement en était sans cesse reporté. Pour mémoire, le Novadreamer repose sur le principe de l’autosuggestion et des tests de réalité (à l’aide d’un appareil que l’on porte pendant le sommeil) pour induire des rêves lucides.

Reçu ce matin dans la newsletter du lucidity institute, le message ci-dessous semble confirmer la mise en vente du nouveau modèle Novadreamer, baptisé ND2, pour le milieu de l’année 2010.

NovaDreamer2: The Next Generation of Lucid Dream Induction Devices

As many of our readers know, we have been working on a new version of the NovaDreamer, our lucid dream induction device. It has been several years since we have been able to offer devices for sale, and we are pleased that very soon avid dreamers will again be able to make use of the technology we have developed for promoting lucidity.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with how our lucid dream induction devices work, here is a quick summary. Learning to become lucid in your dreams, like learning any new behavior, requires remembering your intention to do so. If you are learning to improve your posture, you need periodic reminders to sit up straight! The difficulty in applying this to lucid dreaming is, how do you get reminders to the dreamer during the dream?

The answer is to use sensory cues. Most will have had the experience of an “incorporation,” a sensation, typically a sound (a leaf blower or ringing phone) working its way into a dream. Through laboratory tests, we found that visual stimuli, flashes of light, were most likely to show up in dreams without causing awakening. The next task was figuring out how to deliver cues at the right time (in REM sleep) without using a sleep lab and someone watching and waiting to trigger the cues when the sleeper entered REM sleep.

The NovaDreamer works by detecting the rapid eye movements of REM sleep and delivering flashing light cues to the user at the right time. The would-be lucid dreamer must be prepared to recognize the NovaDreamer’s cues (we have devised exercises to learn to do this). The dreamer, upon seeing those lights flashing in the dream, regardless of whatever else is going on, can then realize that “This is a dream” and thereby become lucid.

The principle is simple. The execution took a lot of research and hard work to find optimal methods of detecting eye-movements, developing algorithms for distinguishing REM sleep from waking or other sleep states, and optimizing the cues for different types of sleepers. Over the years, as microprocessor technology has advanced, we have been able to build more sophisticated and effective devices.

Dr. LaBerge, Jerry Durand and Keelin have been working hard over the last few years to bring out the next generation of NovaDreamer. The new device will work on the same basic principles as previous versions, but will have additional features. It is designed to work in concert with a personal computer, which makes record keeping and individual programming more comprehensive and easier. The software will be flexible, allowing updates and new features to be downloaded by the user. The reliability and comfort will also be significantly better than for the NovaDreamer.

How can you get one of the new NovaDreamers? We will begin by offering them only to participants of the Dreaming and Awakening programs. That way we will be able to provide personal training using the devices, and to receive immediate feedback from users. Soon thereafter, we will set up to distribute the new devices.

If you want to be one of the first to use and own the new NovaDreamer, join us for our program in March, 2010. We expect to offer the devices at a significant discount to program participants, compared to the mail-order price to come. Remember, program space is limited, to allow personal attention to participants. Reduced rate is offered for Early Registration by November 1, 2009.

For those who are unable to attend the Hawaii Retreat in March, please let us know if you want to order a new NovaDreamer when it is available. Do so by sending an email to nd2list@lucidity.com. We’ll add you to a first-come first-served list of preferred customers who will be offered the opportunity to purchase one of the first production run of new ND2s before the general public.

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